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An exploration of psychedelic plant medicines and their innate enhancement of intimate flow and journeys to oneness with your lover.

a book by Astraeus Amori

Your Passport to Ecstasy and Oneness

About the book

Unleash the full potential of your relationship and ignite your passion with “Psychedelic Sacred Sexuality” by Astraeus Amori! This tantalizing guidebook for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in us all explores the powerful synergies of psychedelics and sacred sexuality, revealing how these molecules can be used to deepen intimacy, amplify pleasure, and unlock new dimensions of ecstasy for you and your partner. 

Experience an expanded spectrum of pleasure and connection, as you safely and mindfully delve into the world of plant medicines and man-made psychedelics to cultivate sacred and multi-dimensional sexuality. This guidebook is your passport to a sensual journey of self-discovery, where every moment is an opportunity for ecstasy and oneness. Erotic passages are included to help visualize sensual flow with your partner. Get ready to take your relationship to new heights of ecstasy and passion with Psychedelic Sacred Sexuality.

Your Guide for Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Intimacy

About the author

Astraeus Amori is an Integrative Medicine healer, whose 30+ years of practice and expertise spans various healing modalities. With a deep reverence for the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, he seamlessly integrates shamanism, natural plant-based therapies, energy medicine, and sound healing into his practice. By harmoniously blending these ancient wisdom traditions with modern medical approaches, Astraeus Amori offers a holistic and transformative healing experience.

Beyond his remarkable healing abilities, Astraeus Amori is a dedicated planetary grid worker. Recognizing the inherent power of quartz crystals, he has intuitively placed hundreds of these sacred stones in strategic locations across the globe. Through this intentional act, he endeavors to reestablish the long-forgotten connections to ancient energies, fostering a harmonious balance within Gaia during these challenging times.

In his quest for wisdom and enlightenment, Astraeus Amori delves into deep meditation, embarks on profound personal plant medicine journeys, and draws inspiration from the celestial bodies above. His writings, enriched by these spiritual practices, emanate a profound wisdom that resonates with individuals vibrating at a similar open-heart frequency of love and oneness. Guided by his intention to awaken beings on Earth, he illuminates the path to profound self-love and compassion for all sentient beings.

Nestled amidst the soulful mountain landscapes of Colorado, Astraeus Amori calls this enchanting place home. However, he frequently embarks on transformative journeys to regions of shamanic significance, seeking insights and participating in plant medicine retreats. These sacred voyages allow him to deepen his understanding of indigenous wisdom and expand his healing repertoire.

Astraeus Amori stands as a radiant beacon of light in the realm of healing, inspiring and guiding countless individuals towards personal transformation, inner healing, and universal love.

Speaking engagements with astraeus Amori

Astraeus is available for speaking engagements on various topics of psychedelics. Ranging from the topic of this book to Psychedelic therapy for depression, anxiety,  and PTSD.  Psychedelics and connecting to nature.  Psychedelics and brain health.  To have him speak in person or online to your next gathering, please email us

Responsible Usage

disclaimer and vision

Please note that the following disclaimer and vision are intended to provide important information and promote responsible usage. It is essential to read and understand these guidelines before engaging with the website and book content.

The educational information presented on this website and in the upcoming book revolves around a diverse range of plant medicines and synthetic molecules. This book does not consist of any specific medical or mental health advice to you. The purpose of the book is to explore the potential of various substances to enhance spiritual growth and intimacy within a trusted partnership. However, it is crucial to emphasize that participating in psychedelic medicine journeys together should only be undertaken after reasonable individual exploration with each compound, facilitated within a safe set and setting.

Both partners should strive to gain competency, knowledge, and a stable flow of experience with each compound before proceeding. Furthermore, it is imperative to establish full consent from both partners, along with clear boundaries, before embarking on such journeys. We strongly recommend that partners have a stable, loving, trustful, and supportive relationship of six months or longer prior to engaging in psychedelic journeys together. This recommendation extends to individuals in LGBTQ and polyamorous relationships.

Additionally, it is important for both partners to be aware of potential plant-plant, drug-plant, drug-drug interactions, as well as psychiatric and medical contraindications. We advise consulting with a psychedelic medicine physician if there are any questions or concerns prior to proceeding. For individuals who are older or with cardiovascular risk factors it is recommended to undergo heart screening before engaging in these experiences. If you have psychiatric, neurological or chronic medical conditions, such as bipolar, epilepsy or diabetes, it is essential to consult a physician who is open to psychedelic medicine and able to comprehensively assess your health risk factors. It is strongly encouraged to consult with your psychiatrist, therapist, or plant medicine facilitator to seek their guidance and support throughout your adventure together, particularly in the intention and integration process. In addition, you acknowledge that you should seek independent medical advice from a qualified professional to determine if you are medically cleared to engage in activities related to plant medicines and synthetic molecules. This team-based, comprehensive approach will ensure the safest and most beneficial outcomes for you.

The book and website contain discussions of psychoactive plants and synthetic molecules, including insights from field research conducted in parts of the world where the use of such substances is lawful. However, it is crucial to note that most of the psychoactive plants discussed in this book remain unlawful under U.S. law, with a few states having decriminalized their use with specific limits on possession and use. Under no circumstances should this book be interpreted as a recommendation or advocacy to break U.S. law. Furthermore, it should not be viewed as an endorsement by members of the psychedelic medicine community to experiment with psychoactive plants and synthetic psychedelic molecules. The author and publisher are not encouraging, instigating, inciting, criminally facilitating, soliciting, or promoting any illegal activity. It is your responsibility to be informed about the legal status of any substance you use, if any. You understand and agree that the author and publisher are not making a recommendation that you engage in any specific experience or any illegal activity.

You are aware and understand that there are many serious known and unknown risks associated with engaging in the use of plant medicines and synthetic compounds, including that engaging in such use is a potentially dangerous activity that includes but is not limited to the risks of serious injury, disability, death, and/or property damages, as well as other forms of damages, losses, or personal injury, such as mental health or emotional or psychic or other injuries (collectively, the “Risks”). By purchasing the book, you expressly waive and release any and all claims which you may have, or which you may hereafter have, whether known or unknown, against the author and publisher and its owners, officers, directors, managers, employees, agents, affiliates, members, successors, contractors, and assigns, arising out of or attributable to you use of plant medicines or synthetic compounds. You forever release and discharge the author and publisher from liability under such claims. In no circumstances shall the author’s or publisher’s total liability exceed the total amount paid for the book.

Instead, the discussions within the content serve an informational and educational purpose only, designed to promote further scientific research and advance conversations around enhancing relationships, spiritual growth, and the legalization of psychoactive plants for medical, spiritual, and safe personal therapeutic use. Given the widespread use of these plants and molecules, we believe that open discussions can promote more research, community feedback, and the development of enhanced safety protocols. While research and our personal beliefs support the safe use of psychoactive plants and synthetics for healing, they should be used, if at all, only in lawful circumstances, preferably through a qualified professional in the proper safe set, and setting.

We remain hopeful that the scientific, medical, spiritual, religious, and regulatory communities will seek to understand psychedelics from both clinical perspectives (in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction disorders) and their profound impacts on fostering love, compassion, and interconnectedness. The ripple effect of individual benefits expanding to couples, groups, and the community has the potential to shift consciousness and promote sustainability on our planet through improved collaboration rather than division.
It is evident that the rising violence in society is often a result of disconnection, fueled by technology and polarization which is often powered by social media.

It’s nonsensical and reckless that the US society has allowed the over-prescribing of a host of highly addictive opioids produced and influenced by hugely for-profit pharmaceutical industry, while at the same time minimizes controlling the horrific impact of alcohol on society leading to 140,000 deaths annually per CDC. Additionally, and sadly, gun-related deaths contribute to almost 50,000 a year per CDC. Clearly their lobbies, not statistics are leading policy.

Psychedelic therapy has been shown in recent research to reduce alcohol and narcotic additions, while at the same time potentially improving brain health through enhanced neuroplasticity, brain derived neurotropic factor stimulation, creativity, and compassion towards one another. All with minimal, to no chance of overdose and death.

In summary, psychedelic medicine offers a potential means to reconnect, heal, rediscover love and respect for one another with hope for mitigating some of society’s dysfunction. The growing interest and use of integrative, functional, shamanic medicine, meditation, yoga, and similar practices in society reflect a strong need for rebalancing as we navigate a world increasingly driven by artificial intelligence and the evolving trend towards singularity. These mind-body therapies, particularly psychedelic medicine, can help preserve our true human essence.

We wish you the best in your travels to deeper realms of love. This website and the book are being created from a heart-centered approach aimed at improving everyone’s health and spiritual growth. Please feel free to email us if you have insights or recommendations to include in this upcoming book!


Research Confirms the Link

Psychedelic experiences are linked to improved sexual function

The Imperial College London highlights the first known scientific investigation into the effects of psychedelics on sex, offering insights from a study published February 7, 2024 in the journal Nature Scientific Reports called “Psychedelics and Sexual Functioning”.

Researchers from the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London highlight responses from almost 300 people before and after a psychedelic experience to report on how the experience influenced a range of aspects relating to sexual functioning.

The Imperial College London reports, “Magic mushrooms, LSD and other psychoactive compounds may help to improve sexual function for months after the psychedelic experience” and “on average, people reported improvements across a range of areas of sexual function up to six months after their psychedelic experience, including their enjoyment of sex, sexual arousal, satisfaction with sex, attraction to partner, their own physical appearance, communication, and their sense of connection.” (Source: O’Hare, 2024)

In addition, shared an article, “Sex on LSD? How Psychedelics Could Boost Your Love Life”, sharing how LSD can, in fact, increase intimacy. Author Jenelle J. Rofe quotes Timothy Leary referring to LSD as “the “strongest aphrodisiac known to man.”

Open Energy Flow

lovingly awaken all layers of your luminous energy field (body, mind, soul, spirit).

Chakra Flow & Enhancement

Balancing chakras while in sacred sexual flow can be intimate and powerful way to give and receive from your partner particularly through the palms.

tantric massage

Tantric massage involves massaging and stimulating the full body with particular focus on sensitive areas with a spiritual and energetic component.

sound healing

Sound Healing combines different healing sounds, music, and sound healing instruments to improve our multidimensional well-being, awakening all layers of the energy body.

Improve your multidimensional well-being by enhancing connection with your partner.

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