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Sacred sexuality dances and infuses higher dimensional spiritual practices into human sexuality to facilitate awakening and optimal mind-body balance. It recognizes sex as a sacred act with the potential for deep spiritual growth, awakening, healing, and transformation. It embraces with flexibility, a range of spiritual practices, including Tantra, Taoist sexual practices, Kama Sutra, Shamanism, and psychedelics, all of which emphasize and amplify the interconnectedness of the body, mind, and spirit and flow into the interdimensional.

Beyond mere physical pleasure or procreation, sacred sexuality entails a deep emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual bond between partners. It involves cultivating a higher level of inner awareness and reverence for the body, the senses, and the divine energy (Shakti) that flows through every individual. Engaging in this sacred space leads to a heightened sense of aliveness, awareness, and an unparalleled connection with one’s partner.

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Within the realm of sacred sexuality, sex is viewed as a pathway to connect with the divine, to experience the unity of all things, and to attain elevated states of consciousness. It can be practiced both individually and with a partner, encouraging the exploration and honoring of one’s own sexuality as well as that of others. The spiraling of divine feminine and masculine energies into higher vibrational states is a fundamental aspect of this practice which may ultimately help you travel to the ecstatic state of oneness with all.

The forthcoming book offers expanded explorations and valuable insights into the creative alchemical fusion of plant medicine, psychedelics, sound healing, energy work, and sacred sexual flow, providing a gateway to unexplored dimensions of human experience.

-Astraeus Amori

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Research Confirms the Link

Psychedelic experiences are linked with improved sexual function

The Imperial College London highlights the first known scientific investigation into the effects of psychedelics on sex, offering insights from a study published February 7, 2024 in the journal Nature Scientific Reports called “Psychedelics and Sexual Functioning”.

Researchers from the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London highlight responses from almost 300 people before and after a psychedelic experience to report on how the experience influenced a range of aspects relating to sexual functioning.

The Imperial College London reports, “Magic mushrooms, LSD and other psychoactive compounds may help to improve sexual function for months after the psychedelic experience” and “on average, people reported improvements across a range of areas of sexual function up to six months after their psychedelic experience, including their enjoyment of sex, sexual arousal, satisfaction with sex, attraction to partner, their own physical appearance, communication, and their sense of connection.” (Source: O’Hare, 2024)

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