Energy Flow

Flowing energies through the chakras...

Enhancing sacred sexuality

Balancing chakras while in sacred sexual flow can be intimate and powerful way to give and receive from your partner. This can be done by flowing energy from the center of your palms in a circular manner just above the chakra, or other techniques which can be learned in a reiki course or shamanic teaching.

Crystals and/or sacred geometric shapes can also be placed directly on your lovers chakras to enhance energy to specific or all chakras. I'll discuss the various techniques and combinations that you can use.

Some of us can see chakras without plant medicine, others can begin to see them with plant medicine. Plant medicine and other psychedelic molecules can enhance your third eye visualization, and your ability to sense chakra energy with your palm or fingers over time.

Over time as you re-wire and enhance your energy medicine skills with plant medicine you may be able to see them as you hold a mindful healing space for your lover or others.

Flowing energy deep into your lover...

Tantric Massage for kundalini and chakra energy

This is the most powerful way to connect to your lover in my opinion. My favorite technique is to use warmed up scented massage oil. You can order a massage oil heater on -line, or float it in a container of medium-hot water. Sandlewood, lavender, ylang ylang, sage, palo santo and others are great ones to consider.

See what resonates with both of you and change it up periodically. If oils aren't your thing, try various creams or body butters. One of my favorites has raw cacao and coconut oil, CBD and hemp creams are amazing if you're sore after a long hike, workout, etc.

Some are more palatable/edible than others, so that could tweak your selection. I'll dive into this much deeper in the book with an erotic story or two to wet your appetite.

Healing with frequencies and vibration...

Sound Healing as energy medicine

Sound healing is another powerful modality to open and balance ones chakras. I've found it super helpful when my partner has stuck or unwanted energy in the first (root), third chakra (solar plexus) and fourth (heart chakra).

Spinning a crystal or tibetan brass bowl directly on the chakra provides a deeper resonate flow into the chakra compared to doing it around the body. This takes a little practice and care so you don't let a crystal bowl fall to the floor if you're in bed.

Not a worry if a brass bowl. Sometimes chiming them is easier if you can't get the wand to resonate it strongly enough. A medium bowl in the C tone range often works well. As you play a bowl, send an intention for healing to this region. Visualize the frequency flowing with beautiful light, diving deep, while also wrippling wide on the surface.

All forms of energy medicine must be flowed with loving and healing intention whether spinning a bowl, or doing tantric massage. Weighted tuning forks and other modalities of sound healing will be explored more deeply in the book.

Flowing energies from Gaia tle

Crystals for energy healing

As mentioned earlier, crystals can be used to enhance energy to a chakra. Placing these with healing intention is key. Before placing them, blow loving energy into them, hold them to your heart, then gently place them on the desired chakra/chakras.

Follow this by hovering your hand above them charging them with more energy. Be sure to clear your crystals in the sunlight or other means after using them. My favorite crystals are Lemurian, but feel into what resonates best with your field.

More coming on how to use crystals to open your third eye and how grid your sex room with them.

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